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Who is the OG?

Meet the OG behind OG Beverage Creations. Bobby, a beloved bartender in Birmingham, has built an enduring network of friends throughout his career. A decade ago, his closest companions shared a video called "OG Bobby Johnson" as a lighthearted jest, and the moniker stuck ever since. Imagine his astonishment when that very rap anthem played as he walked down the aisle at his wedding—it was a delightful surprise that left him speechless. Embodying the spirit of unexpected moments, Bobby brings his passion and creativity to crafting unique beverages that leave a lasting impression.

Meet Julia, OG's right hand

Julia is the driving force behind OG Beverage Creations. With 43 years of experience in the corporate world, she decided it was time for a new adventure. Julia, who has been married to Bobby for 2.5 years, brings her unparalleled expertise and exceptional organizational skills to our team.

How We got Started

A couple of years ago, the idea of crafting a canned cocktail sparked in Bobby's mind. During his market research, he discovered that the unique fusion of flavors that would later become Speedball was yet to exist. Determined to bring this innovative combination to life, Bobby experimented with different flavor blends and shared them with friends. Through their feedback and support, the distinctive flavors of Speedball were born.

Named with a personal touch

At OG Beverage Creations, we named our company with a personal touch. Inspired by Bobby's nickname, "OG," given by his closest friends, we felt it perfectly captured the essence of our creative spirit. It's a testament to our passion for crafting unique and innovative beverages, and we invite you to join us on this flavorful journey with our signature creation, Speedball.

The Creation of Speedball: A
Love Story in a Glass

At OG Beverage Creations, the story of Speedball began during a time of love and innovation. Amidst the challenges of the Covid era, on 11/1/2020, we celebrated our marriage, eagerly showcasing a creation still in its development stages: Speedball. Crafted with passion by Bobby, the reception batch of Speedball instantly captivated our guests, becoming the first-ever 'beverage' to be savored and leaving everyone craving for more. Soon enough, our friends hosting parties began requesting batches of Speedball, igniting a journey that transformed our creation into a sensation.

Right Around The Corner

Find Speedball

Finding your nearest Speedball fix is now easier than ever with our convenient store locator. Simply enter your location, and within seconds, discover the closest spots where you can indulge in this extraordinary drink. Get ready to fuel your day with the perfect combination of power and pleasure.